SCHILLER DG5000 Defibrillator
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SCHILLER DG5000 Defibrillator

DEFIGARD 5000 医院除颤的全新景象 DEFIGARD 5000采用了高效的多脉冲双向波(Multipulse Biowave®)以及高精密监护模块,并配以大屏幕彩色显示屏。10.4寸显示屏让DEFIGARD 5000能够同时清晰显示12导ECG波形。用户界面友好,操作简单,可通过导航旋钮和快捷键迅速访问所需的菜单和功能界面。 



可选的半自动除颤模式(AED): 使用儿童电极时,设备将自动调整除颤能量。

DEFIGARD 5000, a star product of defibrillators for hospital

DEFIGARD 5000 combines the efficacy of a pulsed biphasic defibrillator (Multipulse Biowave.) with precision monitoring on the largest colour screen available in the world market. 

The large colour screen (10.4’’) allows the simultaneous display of up to 12 ECG leads. It is user-friendly and easy to use. The navigation button and direct soft keys give you quick access to all parameters and menus.

Defibrillation: use of pads, paddles or spoons

Multipulse biowave: make it extremely safe and effective

Optional Semi-Automatic External Defibrillation (AED): DG5000 recognizes the children defibrillation pads and automatically adapts the energy levels


Product description

可选的体外起搏: 3种可选起搏模式:固定、按需、超速模式(3倍设定频率) 

Pacemaker (Option), operational modes: Fix, Demand and Overdrive (frequency x3)

粘性电极片可用于起搏和除颤,并通用于席勒的其它除颤仪型号:FRED easy和DEFIGARD 6002。 

Viscous electrodes can be used for pacemaker and defibrillation, and can be applied to FRED easy and DEFIGARD 6002.

监护选项: ECG:可同步显示12道心电波形 采用Masimo8482;专利技术测量SpO2,自动测量,及时显示血氧波形 NIBP:成人/儿童测量模式;屏幕显示最近4次测量结果 


Large colour LCD (10.4’’) 

Display: AED instructions, measurement and curves for SpO2, CO2, NIBP and up to 12 ECG leads

打印选项: 可打印12通道心电波形,血氧饱和度脉搏波形,表格趋势图以及除颤结果。 3通道;打印纸宽度:80mm 

Printer (option): 

12 ECG leads, SpO2 curve tabular trends and defibrillator test result

3-channel printer

Paper width: 80 mm

电源: 交直流两用,电池(可选配两块电池以提供更长续航时间)或外接车载电源择。

Power supply: works on AC or DC power supply, battery (duration can be prolonged by the addition of two batteries) and vehicular power.

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