Schiller Cardiovit AT-101
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Schiller Cardiovit AT-101

Cardiovit AT-101

Cardiovit AT-101 is the budget-priced high-tech ECG device with3/12 Lead especially for principal hospitals,community clinics,ICU,and all units which need ECG data transfer through the network.

The AT101 is available with the internal SCHILLER Communication Module(SCM),which transmits Resting ECG data on XML format to a PC or hospiptal information system via:

-Ethernet interface;or

-Build-in analogue modem(optional)

Main performance:

-Integrated high-resolution thermal printer

-Interface for external printer for printouts on stardard paper

-12-lead Resting ECG with stardard ECG measurements

-Integrated graphical 3-channal LC display

-Storage and serial data transfer for Resting ECG data to a PC(with memory option)

-Equiped with the add-on SCM server,the SCHILLER DATA Management System SEMA-200 can receive the XML output from the SCM.

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