Replaceable Miller F.O. blades
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Replaceable Miller F.O. blades

Blades with replaceable fibre optics

Matte stainless steel – prevents back reflection

Replaceable light guide

Easy to clean

Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective

Fibre optic illumination Ø 4 mm, 5500 single fibres minimum

Can be treated in autoclave at up to 134°C – approx. 4000 times

In accordance with DIN ISO 7376

Miller F.O. blade, size 00

length x height : 

       65 x 11 mm

REF 03.42023.591

Miller F.O. blade, size 0

length x height : 

       75 x 11 mm

REF 03.42023.601

Miller F.O. blade, size 1

length x height : 

        102 x 11 mm

REF 03.42023.611

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