Premedic Defi-b
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Premedic Defi-b

Germany Premedic Monophasic Defibrillator Defi-b

Operating mode: asynchronous, external defibrillation
Paddle: Paddle for children integrated
Energy steps: 20/50/100/160/250/360 joule(50Ω)
Battery capacity: 45 shocks at 360Joule(10 shocks in reserve when battery is used up)

Output: No-load running resistance and short circuit
Charging time: approx. 2s(100 Joule), approx.7s360 Joule)
Power supply: AccumulatorPRIMEDICTM
Accumulator: 14.4 V/1.4 Ah
Dimensions: 48*40*300px
Weight: 8.5kg
Supply voltage: 200-240V 50/60Hz

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