Brand Meditech digital X-ray photography system (DR) BW-530i
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Brand Meditech digital X-ray photography system (DR) BW-530i

Fully electric, automatic tracking, one key in place

Modular and platform design, easy to install and maintain

The equipment is powered on for self-test. If there is a fault, the fault code will be displayed in time

One key lock, simple operation


1. Large screen display and touch screen operation

2. In case of emergency during operation, press the emergency stop switch and the motor of the column will stop immediately.

Flat panel

1. The standby time of the tablet is 7 hours, and the dual boards are switched.

2. Direct cesium iodide growth technology is adopted to ensure clearer image.

High pressure

1. Digital mA and KV regulation

2. Small size and high power density


1. Image acquisition, automatic optimization and post-processing

2. With splicing function, it provides a reliable basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment

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