Disposable Fiber Optic Blades
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Disposable Fiber Optic Blades

Disposable Fibre Optic Blades

Disposable metal blades, which is painted complying with food grade standard, are

economical and environmentally friendly, is a most cost effective product. 

And comparing with the disposable plastic blades, the metal blades eliminate the risk of

rupture during intubation.

Metal blades but used plastic fibre tube with diameter of 4.5mm has following

advantages such as low attenuation, cold light, no UV, photoelectric separation

and so on.


Mac 1#:68X33X9.5mm   No. 9527.717.10

Mac 2#:88X34X12mm  No. 9527.717.15

Mac 3#:106X37X13mm  No. 9527.717.20

Mac 4#:135X48X13.5mm  No. 9527.717.25

Miller 00#:42X10.5X10mm No. 9527.515.01

Miller 0#:53X10.5X9.5mm  No. 9527.515.05

Miller 1#:78X11X9mm  No. 9527.515.10

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