BMFusion 8000A infusion pump
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BMFusion 8000A infusion pump

Infusion Pump Features:

Suitable for all standard brands of IV set

Automatic door open free flow protection to prevent the risk of accidental infusion

Suitable for horizontal and vertical direction IV stand

Freely stackable between infusion pumps & syringe pumps

Combination of digital keys and functional keys in order to make input more convenient.

1. LCD screen displays real-time infusion status.

2. Three modes:Rate mode,Time mode,B.W.mode., to meet different clinical requirements.

3. Dual chips monitoring to ensure the infusion safe.

4. Pineline pressure releases automatically to reduce infusion dosage.

5. Three adjustable occlusion levels to meet different clinical requirements.

6. Emergency Alarm System: more than 3 minutes alarm tone after power interruption.

7. Advanced shock and noise reduction technology to keep the infusion process quiet.

8. The clip could be rotated 90°, which is suitable for horizontal and vertical direction IV stand.

9. Change the infusion rate without pause.


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