Mac Fiber Optic Blades
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Mac Fiber Optic Blades

Macintosh Fibre Optic Blades


Macintosh Blades have long been the preferred choice for routine adult

and child tracheal intubations. 

Their smooth, curved design allows the tip of the blade to fall naturally into position in the vallecula.

The brightness is 10500Lux±20%(measured at distance of 40mm from the light emission source).

Removable design allows no residue and easy to clean.

Can be treated in the autoclave at up to 134℃-approx. 4000 times.


Mac 1#:67X33X9.5mm  No. 9527.757.10

Mac 2#:87X35X11.5mm  No. 9527.757.20

Mac 3#:105X40X13mm  No. 9527.757.30

Mac 4#:132X58X13.5mm  No. 9527.757.40

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