Miller Fiber Optic Blades
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Miller Fiber Optic Blades

Miller Fibre Optic Blades

The Miller blade is popularly used for child and paediatric intubations.

The curved tip facilitates easier anterior lifting of the epiglottis in paediatric use. 

The straight design also affords a more direct view of the larynx, especially useful in more difficult intubations.

The brightness is 10500Lux±20%(measured at distance of 40mm from the light emission source).

Removable design allows no residue and easy to clean.

Can be treated in the autoclave at up to 134℃-approx. 4000 times.


Miller 00#:41X10.5X11mm No. 9527.525.01

Miller 0#:53X10.5X11mm  No. 9527.525.05

Miller 1#:77X10.5X11mm  No. 9527.525.10

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